St. Mary Parish Timecapsule

To conclude St. Mary Parish’s 75th anniversary celebration, a time capsule has been created that will be blessed, buried, and secured with concrete, with the plan for it to be unearthed by parishioners during the parish’s 100th anniversary. Inside the capsule will be signed messages describing how life is experienced in the parish today, as well as predictions about how life is expected to be in 25 years.  The letters were written by key groups, including St. Mary’s School students, faculty and staff, parishioners and clergy, as well as groups within and connected to the parish. The notes also include joyful messages of faith, hope and love for the SMOR parishioners of 2043.
The Capsule Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, December 12, beginning at 2pm.  Students and parishioners will pass the capsule one to another until it reaches its final destination, where it will be blessed and buried for future generations to discover and enjoy.  Coffee, hot chocolate and fellowship are to follow the ceremony.
The public is invited to attend the ceremony and witness this landmark event for the parish and Oak Ridge community.