8th Grade Light of Leadership Mass 2020

On Friday, August 21st St. Mary’s 8th grade class of 2020 celebrated their Light of Leadership Mass.  During this mass the students are recognized as leaders of the school.  They receive a medal of the Blessed Mother, a candle symbolizing the light of leadership, and a blessing.  While at the steps of the sanctuary they pray:

Heavenly Father, please form my intellect that I may discover what is true. May your grace strengthen me to choose the good and guide my body to do what is good.   Melp me, Father, to follow You and to love well by willing the true good of those You place in my path each day.  Help me to lay down my life for those around me.  By all my actions, may I inspire my fellow classmates to greatness of soul, so that we may achieve our final goal of life with you in heaven.  Please finish this good work You have begun in me that with Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin, Saint Dominic, Saint John Paul and all the saints I may praise you forever in heaven.  Amen.