St. Mary’s is an Award-winning, private, Catholic school, founded in 1950, that offers P3-8th grade classes. Utilizing an innovative STREAM curriculum, our school is known for its excellent science, technology, faith formation, art and math programming, as well as small class sizes, individualized instruction, athletic programs & after-school clubs.

At St. Mary’s School teachers recognize that all children develop at different rates and have differing abilities and interests. Our approach to education looks at the whole child, not the sum of discrete academic areas. In addition to direct academic instruction in the content areas and religion, students attend weekly classes in art, music, physical education, technology and Spanish. These experiences enrich the academic program and offer cross-curricular connections to the classroom when possible.

Partnership of Faith and Science:

St. Mary’s students are taught to value the material universe in light of its creation by God and to appreciate the positive relationship between a living faith and genuine scientific inquiry.

“…there is friendship between science and faith, and through their vocation to the study of nature, scientists can take an authentic and fascinating path of holiness.”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

One-to-One Technology:

Every student in grades 1st-8th has a school-provided Google Chromebook in his or her classroom, which is used in most content areas to encourage our students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success in future education, work, and life. These devices help to individualize the academic program for every student, providing opportunities for enrichment, remediation, and exploration.

Committed, Enthusiastic Faculty:

St. Mary’s science faculty have presented at NSTA conferences, been awarded grants for classroom research, received national recognition for their educational efforts (2007 Biodiversity Educator of the Year by Discover Life in America, 2014 Air Force Association Tennessee Teacher of the Year), and consistently produce students who excel in the area of scientific inquiry. Our students are recognized by industry professionals each year at the regional Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair. Ninety-five percent of all St. Mary’s Algebra I students have scored Advanced on the state End of Course exam.

Integrated Science Curriculum:

Faculty at all grade levels collaborate to hone students’ writing and research skills as well as link science to math, art, language arts, and history.

Access to Resources:

St. Mary’s location in the heart of Oak Ridge, home to the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, brings science alive for our students. In addition to the wealth of scientific research expertise in town, the nearby Smoky Mountains also provide the ideal outdoor classroom, where middle school students participate in outdoor education research programs at Wesley Woods in Townsend, TN.