Faculty and Staff Directory

Early Learning Program

Allison Hatton – P3 Teacher

Tetsi Banes – P3 Teacher

Jessica Franklin – PreK Teacher

Pat Machado – PreK Teaching Assistant

Kristin Barron – Kindergarten Teacher

Katie Garner – Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Primary Grades

Danielle Lawrence – 1st Grade

Sister Grace Dominic, O.P. – 2nd Grade


Marylee Gibson – Instructional Assistant

Intermediate Grades

Kendall Doogan – 3rd Grade and Assistant Principal

Andrea Souza – 4th Grade


Sister Anna Ruth, O.P. – 5th Grade

Amy Evans – Learning Lab Teacher


Marylee Gibson – Instructional Assistant

Middle School

Carrie Templeton – 6th grade Homeroom – Science and Math

Sr. Joanna – 7th Grade Homeroom – Religion & History

Danielle Sasser – 8th Grade Homeroom – English and Literature

Marsha Sega – Advanced Math

Amy Evans – Learning Lab Teacher

Special Subject Area Teachers

Carol Villaverde – Music

Danielle McClean – Spanish

Shannon Adcock – Elementary Spanish

Cathy Lowden – Art


Jason DeVries – PE and Athletic Director

Kim Bellofatto – Library & Computer

Gerry Simmons

Gerry Simmons – Elementary Science


School Administrative Staff


Sister Marie Blanchette, O.P. – Principal


Kendall Doogan – 3rd and Assistant Principal

Tiffany Scragg – School Office Manager

Allison Hatton – Director of Admissions

Darcy Welch – Director of Development

Laura Palacios – Office Secretary

Extended Child Care Staff


Kathleen Cooksey – Extended Child Care

St. Mary
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